Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Challenge of Art Commissions

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Over a year ago, I was asked if I would paint two larger paintings similar to one that I had previously painted with similar colors and design.  At first I declined. 

I was not sure I could reproduce the elements in the painting.  My painting process is more 'whatever happens, happens,' and I must work with whatever that is at any given time.  I loved the go with the flow process, and did not want my creativity stifled. It seemed that most people wanted specific sizes and colors for an area in their home or business so at the end of 2015, I vowed to not turn down a commission. I would at least try. 

With the first commission, I realized I had been missing an important part of being an artist.  It pushed me to try to create a painting with a similar aesthetic as another I had already painted. The only thing I really needed was a photo of one I had previously painted to get something similar.

So last year was filled mainly with commissioned work.  

This is the  painting titled Hidden Messages that I was to use for reference.

The two commissions below were painted for the MGM Hotel in Cotai, China.  These will be framed.

 Lucky Whispers I

Lucky Whispers II

Paintings are on Ampersand Claybord™ with an ArtResin™ finish.


  1. They are both beautiful and inspiring. Replication is an excellent exercise as it forces us to log our steps. It sharpens our skills and strengthening our creative muscle. I hope you will get the opportunity to visit them in situ some day 😊 Warm regards Celia

    1. Thank you, Celia. I agree completely with you! Maybe some day I can go to see them!